A time saving hint: If you are using lists with your students make up a week by week table of all levels. Project up onto screen on day one of writing lists. (No more writing them up on the Whiteboard)

Publish them to your Wiki or website so that students can write them down as

  • homework

  • before school

  • during a 'blended Literacy time'

If you haven't got a Wiki or a Website set up a Class Delicious account and save suitable spelling sites for students to use during literacy time or for homework

Prepare PowerPoint or Keynotes of each list of words (or leave them blank for students to add their own words to.) Students save a copy to their own folder on the server or in their class documents.

Upload your PowerPoint or Keynotes to Google Docs and save as a template, share with your class. These can be completed during the week and saved in the students Spelling folder for teaching marking. (See Google Docs section)


external image msword.png
external image msword.png
Spelling test results 2.do

Provide each child with a Spelling Test result sheet where they can record their test results by colouring in. These can be stored in a Scrapbook.

Upload the Spelling Test Result sheet to Google Docs and save as a template, share with your class. These can be completed during the week and saved in the students Spelling folder.

Stick a photocopied keyboard in back of handwriting book

Students practise home keys, or their name, or high frequencywords.


Download Spelling Activities file

Download Spelling Test results

ICT and everyday activities

For years we have got children to do the same activities over and over again. Some children like doing them, some do not. Some of these activities do not suit everyone but are typical 'drill and kill'. Revitalise those activities and they may attract a different audience.
An example of this is in the subject of Spelling.
external image spell1.jpg
external image upper+and+lowercase.jpg
Write this word '3' times.
or Match the Capital and lower case letters

external image ight+words.jpg
external image contractions.jpg
endings of words
or contractions

How many times have you had children finding dictionary meanings for words?

external image dictionary+meanings.jpg

And then unjumbling words or writing in the missing letters.
external image missing+letters.jpg
external image unjumble.jpg

Think about some of the activities you do on a regular basis. Which of those could you recreate using Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, Kidspiration, Inspiration or any other software you may be using in the classroom. These are also great interactive whiteboard activities. They can be shown on the projector for children to do in their books and then followed up later as fast finisher activities or learning centre activities.

Great Spelling Websites



This is a game where you get to match your wits with

a monster.

Find as many words you can with as many letters as

you can in the time allowed. Remember: This page sometimes shows

advertising...don't click on it


Jumble Kids

Make the words and then solve the

puzzle of the cartoon


Spelling City

Type in your spelling words and then test yourself

Click on Find a List and test yourself


BBC Spelling Game

Type in the Plurals, homophones,

silent e, ie or ei, y to i, double consonants


Read Write Think

Create words and add to a wordbank.


Look, Cover, Write, Check

Choose from the list of words or make your own


Letter Lifter

Type the letter of the object that is on the moving belt



Play against others in the world


Word Safari

Choose a level and spell the words


Interactive Spelling Bee

Listen to the story and then type in the missing words


Spin and Spell

Click on a picture and spell the word


Word Mix

Make anagrams out of words


Sight Words with Samson

Hear the word and type it


Spelling and Literacy games
Games are put in levels from Early Years to K Stage 2
Spelling Games Levels 1-6