Timetable 3 students a day to do the 'Before School' Activity'.

They click on the link, take a screen capture (Camera click) with whatever IWB software you are using.

All 3 present their pages to the class as a Oral Language activity. They report to the class what they have found out and then they use what they have capturedwith the current teaching focus i.e. What are key words? What is the main idea? Circle all the conjunctions etc.


Download 'Smart' external image x-zip.png Before school activity.notebook (you may get a message that says it won't upload but it will)

Download Flip Chart Before School.flipchart

Download Flip Chart Before School.flp

Download mimio ink file Morning task.ink


Kiwikids News is a great link for younger children. Sometimes when we go to our National newspaper headlines there could be some inappropriate stories that we don't want to talk about with our students. Kiwikids filters that all out. Here is an example of a Before school activity with a Kiwikids link.

Younger Students and Morning Routines

Who's here today Chart?

Students move their name onto their photo, if you have a IWB they could write a comment about how they are feeling today.


Morning Routines

Days of the week, What is the weather today, Places in NZ or the World

Download mimio activity

Morning Routines Juniors.ink

Download Smart Notebook activity

Morning Routines Junior.notebook

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